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Educational Structures

All about the main training courses our leaders attend during their Scouting and Guiding «career».

Federal programme for Youth and Sport
Training courses organized at cantonal or
regional level

Training courses organized at federal level



Federal programme for Youth and Sport

Youth and Sport (Y+S) is a federal programme for promoting sports, linked to the Federal Office of Sports.Y+S supplies federal certificates for leaders. They can be achieved by attending specific courses which are carried out by sport organisations. The «sport discipline» which Scouting and Guiding as well as other youth organizations practice is called «camp sports and trekking».

Training courses organized at cantonal or regional level

Group leader course (Y+S)

The Basis course is the first official course a Scout and Guide leader can attend, at the earliest aged 17 years. During one week, they will learn how to create a balanced programme for Scouts and Guides, organize hikes and practise planning and leading activities. The goal of the course is to prepare the participants for being leaders for activities and camps for either Cub Scouts and Brownies or Scouts and Guides.

Team and camp leader course (Y+S)

Leaders which have already attended the Basis course can participate in the camp leader course. This course is mainly focused on leading a team of Scout and Guide leaders or a team organizing a camp, as well as all on the administrative aspects of camp organization. Participants are prepared to take the main responsibility for a camp or local group. The course can be attended at the age of 18 years and allows participants to officially lead a camp according to Y+S and the Scout and Guide method.

Safety modules and elective modules (Y+S)

Activities which take place in the mountains, in the snow or at rivers and have higher safety requirements can only be run during camps, if leaders attend a special training course on such special activities. During these additional modules, leaders learn what they need to know in order to lead multi-day hiking tours above the tree line, go bivouacking with their group during winter or go snowshoeing. Elective modules on a variety of topics like biking, inline skating, water, winter or pioneering skills allow leaders to educate themselves further and develop specific skills.

Training courses organized at federal level

Panorama course

The panorama course is targeted at leaders at the age of 19 and above, who have already gathered some experience as Scout and Guide leaders. The goal of the course is to engage with oneself and one's role, the Guide and Scout movement in general and current issues in society. Opportunities for discussions and exchange are central to the course and participants are introduced to the method of the «project». It is equivalent to the Woodbadge I course, after the course participants are entitled to wear the panorama woggle.

Top course

The top course is an Y+S expert trainer course for leaders who have already gathered experience in adult education through leading training courses like the group leader or the team and camp leader course and would like to take over additional responsibility. They must be at least 21 years old and have completed the Panorama course. Top course participants learn how to plan, implement and evaluate educational courses and activities for adults and how to assess and give feedback. After attending the top course, participants can become main responsibles for Y+S training courses.

Gilwell course

Only one multilingual Gilwell course is organized every year, the Wood badge II training course. It is aimed at leaders aged 23 and older, who are engaged in their local group, district, canton or on federal level. During the Gilwell course, participants have the opportunity to experience international Gilwell traditions and question themselves and their behaviour, consider their vision of Scouting and Guiding and think about how they want to engage themselves. For the course, participants work on a «ticket», a project on a specific aspect of Scouting and Guiding. The Gilwell course is an internationally recognized training course, in line with international traditions, participants receive the Gilwell scarf and the wooden beads.

Coach course (Y+S)

Each local group is coached by an J+S coach, who is a former experienced camp leader and can support the team of leaders. Coaches coach and advise the local group during their activities during the whole year and appraise the programmes of camps. Coaches are at least 21 years old, have completed the Panorama course and attended the Coach course. During the coach course, future coaches learn how to evaluate a camp and ensure it is in line with Y+S rules and Scouting and Guiding ideas, but also how to coach the leaders of the local group and pass on knowledge and experience.


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