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Welcome to Scouting, the largest youth organisation in Switzerland. Scouting offers friendships, involvement and adventures for children and teenagers and accompanies you even after your active scouting time: once a scout – always a scout! How much Scouting is in you?

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What is Scouting?

Scouting offers unique group experiences, unforgettable camp days in nature and adventurous activities on Saturdays or an entire weekend. Scouts form friendships for life and learn early on to assume responsibility for themselves and for others. Scouting welcomes everyone, regardless of origin, cultural or religious background. That’s why Scouting has more than 51 000 members and is the largest association for children and young adults in Switzerland. At the same time, Swiss Scouting is part of the international Scouting movement, which has around 60 million members in 170 countries.

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